As the saying goes: Life without Mexican food, is no life at all!


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Mexico’s Flavor


What you need to know about Tulcingo del Valle Mexican restaurant is that we love to make people happy with our Mexican food. We are a family owned restaurant that focuses on the quality of every meal with not only delicious flavors of Mexico but with very generous proportions. We focus on bringing the flavor from Puebla Mexico to everyone in New York City including our famous and highly praised Mole Poblano which is made from scratch using traditional preparation techniques.



Our authentic Mexican flavor made them come! The delicious taste of our Mexican food captured the attention of local and national media, from high reviews by Zagat, television interviews by multiple stations, to world recognized publications by media such as The New York Times. Tulcingo del Valle Mexican restaurant has been recognized and received worldwide exposure making Puebla Mexico proud and its owners couldn’t feel more honored. All this, thanks to the flavor of every dish served.

Tulcingo del Valle Restaurant Recognitions

What our customers say

  • Best tacos in HK! Very fresh and authentic. A soft shell tortilla taco that comes with a variety of meat choices and great guac. Their agua frescas are great too. It's a hole in the wall but one of my local favorites.

    Kevin Cuenca Customer
  • Authentic Mexican with reasonable prices. Owner Is very nice, clean place with great service.

    Matt Sabato Customer
  • Best Mexican in the neighbourhood hands down! Their spicy chicken vegetable soup is THE best and love their Texas style nachos and fresh made guacamole. It's a no frills place the dishes do the talking. So thankful they are here!

    Mirjana Vicari Customer
  • Very nice family owned. Real Mexican food. Clean. Very friendly. Affordable. Try the tortas. Amazing.

    Michael Brannon Customer
  • I almost don't want to share this place with the world. BEST Mexican food in the city by FAR! Often overlooked is their breakfast burrito. It might be their best burrito: Chorizo con papa y huevo. SO GOOD!

    Dave Olverson Customer

How to make delicious Mexican food


Three simple things are key in making delicious Mexican food and for everyone at Tulcingo del Valle restaurant these things have been a priority since day one. We focus on the quality of our Mexican food and in the quality of our service.


Only the freshest ingredients will do! Our Mexican food is highly praised and the ingredients play a major role in this.


Over 35 years of experience in making real traditional Mexican food. Teamwork and experience are key in the quality.


Mexican food without love is not the same. At Tulcingo del Valle restaurant the food preparation process is never rushed.

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